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The first smart contact book.

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What is Me?

Me is the first smart contact book that keeps your contacts up to date. If your phone number changes or you recieve a new work email, don’t send out a mass text message or email to let everyone know, simply update your Me account.

Key Features

Update your contact information only once.


Me keeps your contacts up-to-date in an intuitive way so anyone can use it.


Me prevents you from losing contact with loved ones, old friends, colleagues, or acquaintances. Now that’s power.


Me uses top-notch security to ensure any information you share will only be seen by the people you choose.

Full-time Support

Me is always prepared and happy to help with any issues, no matter if it’s through email or a direct phone call.

Available on Your
Mobile Device

What are you waiting for? Our app is available! Download it today!

Never Update Your Contacts Again

Keep your contacts organized and secure.


Groups allows you to set restrictions on what information each of your contacts can view. Me puts you back in control of your privacy.

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